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Custom Carved Emu & Ostrich Eggs

Art has been expressed using many different mediums over the centuries, but none is more delicate than that of the eggshell. The very nature of this medium requires great care be taken least hours of work be destroyed.

The eggs you will see on our site are all real Emu and Ostrich eggs. Artist Ron utilizes the various natural layers and shades of each egg as he sculpts and carves the shell, giving great detail and depth to his work.

Each carved egg is unique,  beautiful & distinct.

Because of the variations of colors and textures inherent in the egg itself, each carved egg will be unique and make a distinctive addition to any decor or collection. If you are looking for a "different" housewarming gift, birthday present or other special occasion gift, a Carved Egg by Ron will keep them talking about your gift for years to come.

Visit our Carved Egg Gallery to see examples of Ron's work. Any egg shown on the site can be reproduced, but you may find these selections stir your imagination and you come up with a design of your own! Feel free to contact us regarding custom work.

Proud Members of:
Happy Valley Organic Growers Farm Trail
Shasta Arts Council
North Valley Art League
American Emu Association

Hand-Carved Egg Specials

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